Mission, Vision & Values


We strive to explore, innovate, design and engineer the best-in-class products and services that bring meaningful impact to people’s lives and communities we serve in.


  • Let’s Believe in Our Brand
    To establish all our brands as one of the top 3 brands of choice in their markets by 2030.

  • Let’s Believe in Our Business
    To be valued beyond BDT 50,000 Crore in aggregate across all our businesses within 2030.

  • Let’s Believe in Ourselves
    To be among the employers of choice.

  • Let’s Believe in Our Society
    To be among the most socially, environmentally, and ethically compliant organizations.


  1. Leadership
    • We continuously challenge our limits.
    • We have the courage to swim against the tide when necessary.
    • We have clarity in our vision because we know where we are heading.
    • We are all leaders in our area of responsibility with a deep commitment to deliver business results.
    • We focus our resources to achieve business objectives and strategies.
    • We collaborate and harness our combined knowledge by eliminating organizational barriers.
  2. Respect
    • We do not do unto others what we would not want others to do unto us.
  3. Cooperation
    • We empathize with our people.
    • We encourage teamwork to achieve a common goal.
    • We inculcate cross-boundary collaboration.
  4. Integrity
    • We uphold and honor our commitments.
    • We practice equality and advocate honesty.
    • We acknowledge our shortcomings.
  5. Innovation
    • We are relentless in our pursuit of redefining the standards of excellence. 
    • We encourage new ideas that challenge conventional views. 
    • We learn, adapt and evolve because change is the only constant.