Confidence Oil and Shipping limited

Venturing Into Transnational Waters of Success


Confidence Oil and Shipping Limited is a concern of Confidence Group which primarily functions as a supplier of fuel to power plants across the country, using designated river tributaries. The Government approved Confidence Group as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) to establish power plants in Bogura, Rangpur and Chittagong regions of Bangladesh, in order to meet the current energy needs of the nation.

Each power plant committed to this venture will be Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) fired. This ensures that the generators will operate on a comparatively more sustainable fuel, replacing diesel oil, which is not only more costly but unreliable; hence maximizing efficiency and being environment friendly. Confidence Power Holdings Limited’s core purpose is to go above and beyond to make our operations as smooth as possible.



The energy sourced by Confidence Oil and Shipping Limited is in strict accordance to the specifications set by the Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC). HFO is quite difficult to come across in Bangladesh, and further outsourcing its shipment does not ensure the quality. Therefore, Confidence Oil and Shipping Limited uniquely functions to transport fuel for the steady operations of power plants across the country, including Confidence Power Holdings Limited, thereby also acting as an in-house fuel import project.

Additionally, Confidence Oil and Shipping Limited takes pride in supplying substantial amount of fuel to clients on time. Besides being economical, HFO is an advantageous fuel to utilize and more environmentally friendly. It permits a long overhaul period, the shortest being over 10,000 hours, while minimizing noise pollution and lower fuel consumption. Moreover, it boasts a continuous running rate capacity of 90%.

All these factors boost the durability of the generators and other associated machineries. To ensure utmost quality of the fuel, Confidence Oil and Shipping Limited collaborates with trusted suppliers and maintains positive and long-term relationships with them.