Confidence Power Holdings Limited

More Power to the People


As a quality power producer, Confidence Power Holdings Limited came to existence in 2017, as a concern of Confidence Group. Confidence Power Holdings Limited hosts 4 Independent Power Producer (IPP) Plants in Bogura, Rangpur and Chittagong regions of Bangladesh, all of which produce Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) fired electricity. Each plant holds 16 generators sourced from both Rolls Royce (Norway) and MAN (Germany); which subsequently harvest a maximum of 113 MW of electricity from each plant, amounting to 393.36 MW in total. All of the equipments issued and utilized is EU board certified. The plants also follow strict precautionary measures for mechanical, electrical and heat safety, along with integrated fire defense mechanisms and smoke detection systems.


Confidence Power Bogura Ltd 113 MW HFO Based Reciprocating Engine
Confidence Power Bogura Unit 2 Ltd 113 MW HFO Based Reciprocating Engine
Confidence Power Rangpur Ltd 113 MW HFO Based Reciprocating Engine
Zodiac Power Chittagong Ltd 54.36 MW HFO Based Reciprocating Engine


Over the decades, Bangladesh has been emerging as a global giant. With immense potential to explore, the economy is in dire need to overcome its issues at hand, and join the forerunning countries of the world. Energy is vital for effective industrialization, which in turn is crucial for economic growth. World Bank Enterprise Surveys state that the industrial sector of Bangladesh faces power outages for 840 hours per year, which causes a loss of 3% in our total annual GDP. It is our belief that together we can overcome such economic drawbacks, one step at a time.To remedy the matter, we have taken certain initiatives. Over the past decade, the cumulative energy demand in Bangladesh was 300MW, and this figure stands at a double 600MW today. The simultaneous situation of immense growth in demand and drastic unavailability of resources like diesel and natural gas, is truly allowing us to push our boundaries as a nation.

2021 shall mark half a decade of Bangladesh as a nation. The Government wishes to mold the motherland into a nation of power on commemorating the significant achievement; aiming to triple the amount of power generation and become a middle-income country, whilst simultaneously connecting 98% of its households with electrical grid extensions. As a part of the Private Sector, CPHL works hand-in-hand with the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) to inject the technology and resources required to fulfill this proposal.

Therefore, as an immediate solution to the problem, the state has nominated Confidence Group to construct and operate Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) fired Independent Power Producer (IPP) plants on selected sites around the country. CPHL commenced operations in Q1 2016, and had all its IPP plants functioning entirely by Q4 2018.