digicon telecommunication limited

Creating Connections & Delivering Promises


DigiCon Telecommunication Limited is a concern of Confidence Group, which commenced in 2012. DigiCon is an International Gateway (IGW) service provider, offering high quality call routing and call termination facilities. Looking beyond the complicated technologies and complex systems used in this line of business, our task is simple: to connect people. Whether in Bangladesh or beyond, you shall be patched through to anybody you wish to be connected with.

We are social beings and live in a global village, and with social media encircling our lives, it is a fact that the need for communication between people is crucial; now more than ever. In this day and age, mobile phones provide a fantastic medium for us, cutting down distances and eradicating borders. This is where DigiCon Telecommunication Limited comes in.

Our technological Point of Presence (PoP) in the United Kingdom also functions a global meeting space for numerous foreign carriers and allows mobile operators to save value

Operating in Line

The Government of Bangladesh persists on transforming the economy into a developed one by 2021, and this vision is very close to becoming a reality. With the 50 year mark closing in, the concept of a “Digital Bangladesh” has now become a mantra for the country’s development. The private sector has also taken effective strides towards the vision, including ourselves.

With Confidence Group having many ventures diverging from its roots, the diverse knowledge and experience that our SBUs harbor, prove as an added advantage. We add value to the Confidence family collectively by making it an organisation with a more comprehensive and holistic foothold in the overall telecommunications and IT sector.

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