Kirtonkhola Tower Bangladesh Limited

Fulfilling the Potential of Life


Kirtonkhola Tower Bangladesh Ltd, a sister concern of Confidence Group, Bangladesh, is solely responsible for leasing telecom towers for signal transmission at tower sites in both urban and rural areas. Established in 2018, Kirtonkhola Tower Bangladesh Ltd is one of the only four private companies of the country who are government-approved and have received tower license to operate. With the vision of bringing relations closer, we aim to enable world-class wireless connectivity for the future signal transmission technology in Bangladesh.

The mission of Kirtonkhola Tower Bangladesh Ltd is to partner with customers to provide unparallelled services through premier infrastructure and solutions. This can be done by creating a customer-focused team environment where innovation is a state of mind, by delivering the highest level of customer service along with safe and quality tower sites, by exceeding yearly performance goals and by pursuing purposeful opportunities to grow and strengthen the company.

Kirtonkhola Tower Bangladesh Ltd comprises of meaningful values and core principles that set the company apart from others. Prioritizing integrity and competitiveness, our goal is to exceed expectations through service.