Confidence Ready Mix

Cast in Concrete


Confidence Ready Mix is one of the respective concerns of Confidence Group that has its own water treatment plant for producing quality concrete. The percentage of salt and iron in water in Chottogram is higher than in other areas and is not suitable for construction work. Using this water, having high salt and iron content, causes oxidation of rods and decreases the strength of buildings. Therefore Confidence Ready Mix uses its own water treatment plant to purify the water which is eventually used in our ready mix to ensure the quality of the concrete.

Neither manual mixing nor mixture machine ensures the correct ratio of concrete. Only computerized system makes sure that the correct ratio of stones, sand, cement and water is used, which guarantees your building’s structural excellence.

By not dumping construction material beside the road side, we can use ready mix to keep the city clean and be environment friendly.

Why Confidence Ready-Mix

  • CRM has the most modern water treatment plant for ensuring saline and iron free pure water.
  • We use the best quality stone chips and coarse sand for maintaining the superior strength our clients look for.
  • We have the most modern concrete research laboratory where highly trained quality assurance personnel are working to ensure the best possible quality of RMC production.
  • CRM power generator plant ensures 24 hours uninterrupted production.